At MEBA, we produce engineered ferrous and non-ferrous castings and components for the industrial community around the world. Manufacturers of pumps, valves, hydraulic power transmission and water line fittings have been our trade partners for the last 17 years.

In 2003, MEBA launched its latest production line for casting bronze and steel alloys. The no-bake casting line uses the latest technology for metal casting and analysis.

Corrosion Resistant (Stainless Steels)SS304/304L (ASTM A743 CF8/CF3)
SS316/ 316L (ASTM A743 CF8M/CF3M)
SS410 & 420 (ASTM A487 CA15)
Duplex Steel & Super duplex steel
Heat Resistant steelsHigh Cr & Ni steels (ASTM A297, HH,HI,HK)
Wear Resistant steelsManganese steel
Chrome iron
Nitronic 50/60
Aluminum BaseAlloy LM-4, LM-6, etc.
Other steelsVarious grades of Carbon steel and low alloy steel
Cast ironsGray cast iron (ASTM A48)
Ductile cast iron (ASTM A536)
Ni-Resist (Austenitic ductile iron ASTM A439)
Ductile Ni-resist (Austenitic ductile iron ASTM A439)
Copper Base (Bronze)Phosphor bronze
Tin bronze
Leaded Tin bronze
Aluminum bronze
Ni-Aluminum bronze

Alloys Range

Cast IronGray Iron (FG Iron) various grades. Ductile iron (SG Iron) of various grades with Ferrite and pear lite structure-Ni-hard, Hi-Chrome Iron
Copper BaseLG2 BS1400 , Nickel Al Bronze (AB1, AB2) Phosphorous Bronze (PB1, PB2), Leaded Bronze (LB2, LB4, LBC3)
Stainless Steels / Duplex / Super Duplex(Corrosion and heat Resist)Stainless 304-316-316L, Duplex – 2205, 2507, ASTM 890 3A, 4A, 5A Heat Resist Steel (ASTM 297-HK, HL, HE)
Carbon Steel / Low Alloy SteelASTM A 216 WCA, WCB, WCC.ASTM 732 1 A, 2A, 2Q, 3A,3Q, 7Q, 8Q
Manganese Steel(Impact and Wear Resist)ASTM128 (Grade A, B, C, D)


  • Pump parts
  • Valve components
  • Crusher parts
  • Oilfield consumable
  • Maintenance spare parts
  • Pressure and corrosion resisting components
  • Smelter replacement parts
  • Fittings (flanges, bends and tees)
  • Bushes (bronze and stainless)

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